A topic I could never bore of talking about, and one I incessantly get into, is food and where to eat in Muscat. I love food so much, I want everyone to eat great food and I hope the world lives forever if just to give us wonderful food. And if you share my love for simply bullseye spot-on grub with at least an ounce of enthusiasm, I highly recommend The Manhattan Fish Market on the 18th November Street towards Al Mouj. Especially if you are looking to eat at one of the best seafood joints in Muscat!

Hubsy and I have been searching high and low for good seafood serving places in Muscat for a while now. Though the traditional Turkish House Restaurant in Al Khuwair is our regular spot for freshly grilled seafood, we wanted more options to choose from. And voila…there appears The Manhattan Fish Market on the entertainer app thus opening up an opportunity to try it out without being guilty of spending too much.


The Manhattan Fish Market serves American- style seafood dishes with a little twist to the traditional fish & chips. Be prepared to peruse through an extensive menu with dishes prepared in five different ways of cooking – flamed, baked, poached, grilled and fried. All of the dishes are rather inviting – although it is somewhat exhausting to choose from the huge selection of dishes.



So let’s get started – here’s what we had:

Small Flame – These Manhattan Flaming prawns with grilled dory fillet came on a bed of Garlic Herb rice, veggies and chips. This dish from the legendary flaming prawns category was a sure shot from the looks of it and we were thrilled to be right. The on-the-spot flaming of the prawns added to the drama and my husband looked like a happy kid after this one. 


Da Bomb – This dish with grilled Volcano prawns, poached spicy dory nuggets, sautéed scallops served with a side of Garlic Herb rice, steamed veggies and chips was another treat to my palate. It had a slice hint of spice to it which complimented the whole dish and elevated it to a higher level. 


Calamari Mussels Chicken (CMC) – Our friend who had ordered this dish seemed more than satisfied with his choice, this was evident from the short time within which he devoured the whole thing and was poking around in our plates for more. 😉 This was a combination of Chicken tenders, grilled calamari, sambal mussels with delicious Garlic Herb rice, steamed veggies and chips. 


Scallops Fish Chicken (SFC) – This dish was the least interesting out of all four. It had finely grilled chicken, crispy fish fingers and fried scallops with the same sides as others but the chicken was too dry and the fried scallops were too oily for our liking. Best to avoid it next time. 


The vegetables too were cooked perfectly and it’s not everyday that you see steamed veggies that retain it’s vibrant colour and taste without being mushy.

A special mention is required for the Garlic Herb rice that was divine with such amazing flavours incorporated into it and the rice was fluffy & cooked to perfection. 


The dessert menu looked tempting and so we ordered the Manhattan Mud Pie and Banana Fritters served in coconut cream with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream. The Mud Pie was enticing with an almost mousse like texture in the centre.


But the banana fritters with ice-cream did not look appetising in the least and as expected lacked everything in terms of flavour. Especially the coconut cream in which it was served was almost tasteless with no tinge of coconut flavour to it. 


My lasting impressions are this: flavourful fish, cooked to perfection, creative compositions, timely execution, attentive service, family friendly and economical. This is a great place for seafood lovers looking for a quick fish fix, but do not expect high end quality dishes at these prices because that’s not what The Manhattan Fish Market is all about. 

So until the next post, have a great week ahead you all foodies 





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