The winters in Muscat calls for more time outdoors, but securing a spot at a restaurant to dine al fresco is purely luck, especially at The Wave. Though many of Muscat’s newer restaurants lean toward urban industrial looks, those at Al Mouj often are more warm, artsy and sometimes a little fancy. But both have casual fare and a laid-back vibe perfectly suited for the area.

From the main Walk, where kids and adults alike are swarming around the whole area – with kids on bikes & skates while adults take a stroll along the waterfront, you have to move towards Marsa 2 area in order to find B+F Roadside Diner. 


B+F Roadside Diner is an upbeat burger place that serves the basic yet modern American cuisine including waffles with chicken, sliders, steak, burgers, and even pasta. The outlet at Al Mouj is different in terms of interior, menu and the whole ambience is a bit more relaxed than the constantly crowded branch in Bareeq Al Shatti.


It’s not everyday that you see an infamous restaurant almost empty to be exact, but we did not mind that at all, as this means more attention to us. 

The menu is only two pages long and hence we did not take much time in contemplating what to order. For starters, we had to have the Mayhem Fries that not only looked gorgeous but tasted just as good. It was loaded with cheese, chicken and jalapeño, giving it that rich tantalising effect. 


Not to mention, their mojitos are delicious! I tried quite a few and they all blew me away! They have different tastes to please everyone, from sweet to sour, you will certainly find your poison, or shall I say non-poison, of choice!


My Hubsy is a fan of their Salted Caramel Shake, but I have always found it to be a little too sweet for my liking.

For the mains, Hubsy settled on the DDM burger and our friend the Roadside burger. I was in the mood for a steak and hence was tempted to try the Country Fried Steak and hence ordered these. 

The main course arrived right along with the starter, which was a bit confusing because by the time we were done with the starter, our mains were getting cold.


The brioche buns on the burger were very soft and the patty was totally moist with the right amount of spiciness that came through from the jalapeños. It came with a heap of hand-cut fries that nobody could finish and a pretty good coleslaw. 


Both the burgers were a hit with us, but the steak was insipid and too charred to retain any meat juices. They have a long way to go in terms of the right amount of cooking time required for a medium well done steak which is what I had anticipated when I placed the order. 


Now to the star of the evening, the Mixed Berry Pudding is a sure shot blissful dessert in a plate. I couldn’t get enough of it as the quantity was small and so made a mental note to order it again for myself the next time we come here….selfish…I know 😉


So overall, the burgers could be given 4.5/5, Mayhem fries 5/5, Country Fried steak 2/5 and the dessert 5/5.

Will definitely recommend this spot for those who want to enjoy the weather while devouring some pretty decent American food. 


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