Nestled in one corner of the Qurum Gardens Centre, Italiano is one of those restaurants that is a must-visit if you are looking for tasty Italian food. They have other branches in Panorama Mall, Seeb and Al Khoud if you are looking for something closer to your place. 


We have been meaning to try out this restaurant since long and hence when an opportunity presented itself in the form of family visiting us from Dubai and they being ardent fans of Italian food, so we thought what better place to go other than Italiano. 


Since Christmas is around the corner, they had a X’mas Tree set up in the front of the restaurant and we had the freedom to sit anywhere we wanted as the place was completely deserted at the time we entered – which is around 10ish on a Friday evening. (I found that a bit odd and became skeptical about whether they are as good as they claim to be!! )


We were all ravenously hungry and so set about coursing through the menu to place an order. Everything on the menu sounded good and hence we ordered four pizzas and two pasta dishes.

So here goes the details of what we had:

Divolio Pizza

IMG_8208_FotorA zesty one from the Pizzeria Romana category with thin crusted pizza base topped with minced beef, jalapeños, pepperoni, tomato sauce and onions. 

Apollo Pizza

IMG_8214Another one from the Pizzeria Romana category – this one topped with tandoori chicken, green chilly, yellow capsicum, mozzarella and tomato sauce was equally tempting as the others.

Cajun Pizza

A normal crusted pizza base with a topping of shrimps, tomato sauce, mozzarella, onion rings, red pepper, tabasco, chopped parsley and oregano. The pizza I liked, but the shrimps on the pizza tasted bland to me. 

Pollo Funghi

IMG_8216_FotorThis normal crusted pizza that contains chicken, onions, mozzarella, portobello mushrooms and cream sauce was the most flavoursome out of all the pizzas that we had from here. 

Penne Milanese  

IMG_8204_FotorA very rich creamy penne pasta tossed in pink sauce with chicken, mushrooms & sundried tomato that was so divine that my 2 year old finished half of it within minutes! 

Lasagna Di Carne

IMG_8218_FotorUsually we order beef lasagna, but this time took a detour towards the chicken version of it and surely it turned out to be a success. The lasagna arrived freshly baked, dripping in cheese on the first bite and surely so tantalising that everyone raved about it. 

And for desserts, we tried the chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream that was just an average desserts, tasty but something that you usually whip up at home – so I did not see any point in ordering this.

The place is excellent if you just stick to the main course items, I wouldn’t suggest anything more.


So next time you desire luscious Italian food, look no further than Italiano. Each and every dish there is equally or even more tastier than the other, and will leave you craving for more!


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