Many a times I have passed through the Sayh Al Malih Street in Qurum and seen the chic signboard that says Copper right from the road side. So one night, we hopped in here for a quick dinner before heading to Qurum City Centre for a late movie. 


The Australian inspired Austral-Asian restaurant emanates an urban hipster theme throughout the restaurant with the place cleverly split into three sections with one section to the right of the kids play area and the other two are on the opposite side separated by a chain-link fence. The other two areas are again split into two different looks, one a more casual look with high tables and stools and the other has big booths with tables. 



As you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted by the majestic red motorbike from Johnny Pag, the company that creates insanely cool bikes with attitude, soul, and passion. There are many more of these bikes sitting on pedestals and on the walls throughout the restaurant giving the whole place a kind of hip attitude.


As you go further into the restaurant, you will notice that they have really put a lot of effort into creating this whole chic, urban industrial look, with bicycles stacked to one side of the corridor and wall art using bike spare parts on the opposite side which leads you into Totem, a clothing store in collaboration with the restaurant. 


I was unable to explore Totem, as it was closed for the day by the time we got there. Nevertheless, it looks pretty cool with custom made t-shirts and other clothing accessories from the only glance I got through the windows. 


We started with the Skinny Fries & Brisket, which is their popular potato fries topped with cheese custard, jalapeño, red chilli, gouda, shredded brisket and spring onion. This was the most colourful looking dish out of all I had from here, very pretty to look at without compromising on the taste. 


Copper Burger is always a sure shot at this place – and so the name. It’s crushed beef, BBQ brisket, gouda, caramelised onions and jalapeño all blending together to give a mouthwatering taste to the burger. 


Lamb Burger  – If you are a lamb fan, then this is definitely one of the good burgers that you can come across with lamb meat. It includes crushed lamb, tzatziki, cheese custard and rocket salad. 

Shuwa Burger – We wanted to see if the shuwa burger here could beat the ones at Shuwa Express as we are ardent fans of their burgers. (Check out my review of Shuwa Express here). This was the only disappointing dish out of the three. They could do a lot to improve it in terms of the flavour and sauces added. 


As for desserts, we just had a scoop of strawberry ice-cream which they claimed was freshly made in-house and this turned out to be delicious and so fresh to the taste that the only issue I had was that it got over before I could get more spoonfuls as my husband devoured it with such vigour. 



While we were devouring all these delicacies, my kid was playing in the small play section they have designed well to let the little ones have fun while the parents enjoy their food. This was a thoughtful thing as most places lack one and the kids run wild during the mealtime. 


They have many more interesting dishes on the menu, especially the breakfast menu sounds amazing. So I will be updating my review after my next visit ! InshaAllah…

Until then, keep hogging you lovely people

Lots of Love



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