It’s hard not to love chocolate in all forms, shapes and sizes – and that is exactly what the people behind The Chocolate Room thought too when they started up this Australian café franchise in Muscat. They claim to have identified a massive market for chocolate lovers all around (DUHHHH!!!) and hence decided to open a store up for the ones in Oman.


We’ve been searching high and low for a place that masters the art of chocolate desserts; however during our quest we always seem to discover restaurants where either they’re way overpriced, lacks individuality and uniqueness and something we’d eventually get fed up of with repeated visit. However, our prayers have been answered with the launch of The Chocolate Room and Dip n Dip (check out my review here) in Muscat capital.


On the several times that I have visited this place with Hubsy or friends, I have always noticed the ambience was just impeccable – comfy booths, warm lighting, friendly staff and the whole place filled with the aroma of chocolate and freshly brewed coffee. The decor is beautifully done with a few chocolate related facts and quotes over the walls.



Coming to the dishes, I have tried the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Sundae, Chocolate Avalanche Sundae, Melting Chocolate Chunks Cake and the Hot Chocolate Cuddle cup.


These are a few from their signature dishes and we could clearly see why! Some of the dishes cannot be finished by one person as the quantity is quite generous and yet we managed each time. 😉




We also tried the ChocArabia which is a chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate inside. Topped with melted chocolate and served with vanilla ice cream (It’s a classic dessert that never disappoints).


All said and done, The Chocolate Room is a chocolate lover’s paradise on earth!! So head over there the next time you crave sugar.

So until then,

Happy Weekend you all

Hope you all lovely people have a great week ahead filled with food n fun!!!




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