Breakfast’s the most important meal of the day and you all deserve to eat well, so kick off your weekend at this English style inspired eatery at Jawharat Al Shatti in Shatti Al Qurum or you could also drop in at their second branch in MSQ. Those of you in Muscat would already know how amazing this cafe is and their food never disappoints.

I say cafe because it’s more of a laid back style than a proper dining experience. It’s mostly famous as a breakfast cafe than anything else, though they do serve lunch and dinner too. I have been there on numerous occasions and always go back for more. Here, I will just write about my breakfast experience, because I haven’t taken pictures of my other visits.


The first thing you notice about D’Arcy’s is their unique interior that makes you feel like you have travelled to a far away village in Europe. It’s charmingly decorated with waitresses walking around in adorable outfits that reminded me of Pride & Prejudice.


The restaurant is always crowded especially during weekend breakfast time, but that  doesn’t stop me from visiting them repeatedly.

Everything on their menu, from the full English breakfast to the pancakes deserve appreciation. They even have Masala Chai on the menu, which is not something that you see in an English style breakfast place.


These pancakes are downright the best in town – there is no freaking doubt about it, I swear by everything on these soft fluffy delicious small sized pancakes that comes with a dollop of cream on one side and maple syrup to compliment it all. They also add in a few banana fritters which my kid loves to nibble on while I devour the pancakes.


The Egg Benedict is also a must have, as the perfectly poached eggs are cooked to my liking and they come with crispy yummy hash browns. Who can say no to hash browns, right? They have such delicious hash browns there.


The Masala Chai was a little light to my liking, I prefer my tea a little more stronger and hence might stick to coffee or fresh juice itself from now on.

There is a lot more to try out here at D’Arcy’s Kitchen, so don’t be shy…. Go on… Eat your heart’s content…I will assure you that you will thank me!

I will be back with more options for breakfast, so keep reading and stay blessed you lovely people!

Lots of love…



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