I am not a morning person… are you? But I am definitely a breakfast person…you must be thinking how does both go together!! Confusing, right? Well not really, you see…I can jump right out of bed if there is a prospect of breakfast waiting for me somewhere that I don’t have to drag myself to cook up…So yeah, you get the gist!!! I could easily be a morning person, if I didn’t have to cook it myself!!! 😂

Ok, so I am way off the point here…getting back to this Friday when it happened that there was a similar prospect waiting for me at Casper & Gambini’s in Oman Avenues Mall.


Located on the ground floor, this place was really not on my list for a long time after having a bad experience with the dessert item from there once. We had gone there just because I was craving for red velvet cake, and turns out they didn’t have one as good as I expected it to be.


So I was a little skeptical when our friends suggested we have breakfast there during the weekend. But I couldn’t have been more wrong in my opinion because they really blew me away with the food and service.

The restaurant was surprisingly quiet for a Friday morning, meaning we didn’t feel rushed and could graze to our hearts’ content. We settled down and took our own time in deciding what to have. The kids got busy with a bowl of fries and some complimentary cookies exclusively for them.

I was on the look out for the perfect Egg Benedict at various places around Muscat, so I decided to try out the one at Casper & Gambini’s too. As it turns out, it was as perfect as I wanted it to be; two poached eggs atop brioche, with smoked turkey, spinach and tomato, served with a side of salad. The portion looks small, but it’s more than sufficient. The eggs were cooked exactly to specifications (medium well-done). The Hollandaise sauce was perfect – copious, flavourful and slightly more tangy than usual – just the way I like it.


Grilled Cheese Melt – A grilled cheese sandwich is a must have for any cheese lover. My husband ordered this but I dug into it as soon as it arrived in front of him. It was a perfect mix of mozzarella cheese mixed with courgette, black olives and fried egg that came with a side of mesclun salad. What’s a breakfast without cheese???!!


Perfect Pancakes – big in diameter but super-thick and filling pancakes served with a side of fresh pieces of strawberry, kiwi and banana with your choice of syrup – maple syrup or chocolate sauce. Though I’m not much of a sweet-tooth person, I actually happen to like pancakes, but the one here was too thick and I still prefer the fluffy pancakes at D’Arcy’s Kitchen (check out my review here).


Our friend had the Gambini’s Omelette that came with hash-brown potatoes, sundried tomato and grilled bread. It was nothing spectacular, just a regular omelette.


They had an offer going on “A complimentary drink with each main course item” and hence each of us ordered one drink per meal – Fresh orange juice, Green Apple juice, Coffee and Infused tea.

Dishes are usually very large so plan a post-breakfast nap because you’ll leave full.

This is one place to go to when you are craving for hearty breakfast. They serve breakfast all day, so don’t worry if you happen to wake up late on the weekend.


I will be reviewing some of my other favourite breakfast places in Muscat too…so keep reading you lovely people….


Lots of love,



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