Aroma is the recently opened Italian food spot in the ground floor of Al Muzn Mall that boasts authentic Italian cuisine at it’s best in Muscat. So one lazy Friday, we set out to explore this much-talked about restaurant. And yes, our lazy Friday pretty much means taking the little one for a ride or two in the play area of a mall and dining out 😉

As we enter the restaurant, we notice the simple yet artfully done interiors with a wall art of the Colosseum on one side that reminded me of our recent trip there. We took our seats, without any assistance from the servers who were nowhere to be found to greet us, but we did settle in to the coziness of the restaurant. 

After a long time, when no one came to attend us nor even give the menu, we started waving and calling out, and at last someone did take notice. They gave us a tab to select the dishes we want from that. Their specialty is metre long and half metre long pizzas and so we placed an order for a half metre long pepperoni pizza and chicken penne pasta in mushroom cream sauce.

IMG_5621The food arrived in decent time and looked more than enough for the two of us. We had ordered fresh orange juice as well which they forgot about until we reminded them again. 

The pizza was excellent and we were very satisfied with the texture of the pizza dough and toppings. They have definitely used a wood-fire oven and imported products from Italy to achieve this flavour.


I am devoted to pasta and this one only increased my devotion to another level. It was so creamy and mind-blowingly delicious. 


The freshly squeezed orange juice didn’t seem fresh at all and I asked the server if this was actually fresh or packed, and he told me that they make it and store it in the chiller and hence that is why it might not seem so fresh after all. Is it just me or anybody else who feel that when you order a fresh orange juice for OMR 1.8, you expect it to be freshly squeezed rather than the ‘made in the morning’ one?!!


I had one sip of it and couldn’t get myself to drink anymore of it and so I asked the server if he could manage to whip me up two fresh glasses right then and he said he can’t because the person who does that is already gone. Hence, we returned both the juices and ordered water. But when the bill came, we noticed that they haven’t reduced the orange juice from it and when I brought it up with the server, he told me that the billing is already closed and they can’t reprint the bill, which seemed made-up, considering the restaurant closes at 12am and we were discussing this at 11pm and the place was still buzzing with people. We didn’t want to argue and make a scene and hence left the place after paying OMR 3.6 for 2 juices we didn’t have. I know some people will say, “you ordered it, so you gotta pay for it”, but I have to remind you that I ordered fresh orange juice and this was definitely not fresh, so basically I didn’t get what I ordered, so my request to reduce it from the bill seemed appropriate. 

Though we were very disappointed with the service, the food there is to die for and next time I crave for authentic Italian food, I might do a take-away.

So be sure to try out Aroma in South Al Hail facing the Health Centre and you will get to experience the real Italian food. 

So until next time, 

Have a great week you lovely people




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