This all-day dining restaurant opened in Seeb Mall and has been getting great reviews since it was set up a couple of months ago. These days great ambience and food usually comes with a hefty weight on your pockets but Qibara is an exception in that regard due to their affordable prices and food which does a deft, unusual see-saw between heartiness and delicacy.


The warm and welcoming interiors are home to a collection of artefacts, posters and photos invoking the nostalgia of a bygone era. The ambience is very classy, dark, elegant and at the same time quirky. It has got a royal feel to it and with smiling servers waiting to take our order as soon as we settled down.



One thing I should mention first, they do whip up some pretty good-looking dishes in no time. 

So here goes a quick review of what we had – we started off really good with the Creamy Chicken Soup & Mexican Beef Chilli soup. After devouring the flavoursome and soothing Creamy Chicken Soup our expectations went overboard. It was that delicious that my husband wouldn’t even leave behind the bread bowl that it was served in. 😉


Mexican Beef Chilli soup our friend ordered was an average soup, but nothing special that makes it stand out.


The menu isn’t particularly inventive, but it covers a variety of dishes from Indian, Chinese, Italian and Omani cuisines. So when a restaurant has to dish out these many items, it’s quite easy to go wrong in many factors. And I think that’s what happened with our starter Qibara Nachos, the whole thing was a soggy mess, but when we voiced our concern, they changed it for us and served us a plate of BBQ Chicken Wings, which again disappointed us as the chicken didn’t taste as fresh as it should, probably cooked earlier in the day, either way we didn’t complain again since we didn’t want to look like a bunch of whiners.

Our main course dishes turned out to be as such:

An ‘Indianized’ version of Penne Chicken Pasta which turned out to be pretty good, with enough sauce and cheese to compliment the whole thing.


Grilled Catch of the day (Kingfish) – served with quinoa and steamed veggies was a unique dish when it comes to the combination of quinoa with fish. By the look of my friend’s plate after the meal, it looked like he enjoyed it. 


Lamb Shuwa – My favourite was this, even though I am not a fan of having rice for dinner, I was tempted to try this after seeing the delicious looking shuwa meat and fairly enough, it exceeded my expectations. The steamed rice was perfectly fluffy too.


Fish Chermoula – Hamour cooked in a Moroccan style with a small portion of rice as side dish. You can rarely go wrong with any dish involving Hamour, and these people have actually done it justice.

Have heard good reviews about the Biriyani here, so may be next time will drop in for a quick lunch.

For drinks, we ordered Fresh Orange juice (which comes in a light bulb shaped container, very unique right? ), Lemon & Mint Mojito and Chocolate Milkshake (another inventive idea to serve the drink – you will know from the picture below) and out of all 3, the milkshake was the star of the evening.


P.S. They gave us complimentary ice creams for the mishap that happened with the starters.


Other than the fact that they could really improve a little more on some of the items on the menu, there is really nothing else that stands in Qibara’s way to being a hot-spot for foodies. The interiors and service being great, I would highly say it’s money’s worth.

Let me know your experience if you happen to drop by this place,

So until next time, 

Have a great day you lovely people




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