As you may all have noticed recently, it’s my new hobby to try out breakfast menu at different places around town. I was never a morning person (still am really not), but now if you tell me “Let’s go for brekkie tomorrow?” I will jump at the opportunity. May be it has to do with the fact that it’s more peaceful and queiter in the mornings and I have come to appreciate the occasional calmness (whenever I get it) after having a baby. Don’t judge me! I bet you all crave for that “me time” once in a while too, it does not mean I don’t love my little one, it’s just necessary to keep myself sane to get through the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life.

Anyway, moving on…My friends and I made plans to have breakfast at Mirdiff City Centre on this Friday morning, but was unsure as to which restaurant to eat from. As we walked around, we saw that Cafe Bateel was almost packed and that made up our mind to find out why all the rush. We wanted to sit on the couch, but like I said, it was almost fully seated and hence adjusted with whatever we got.

So, the menu seemed interesting with quite enough breakfast items which is not what I expected to be available in the morning at a cafe. After a detailed perusal of the menu, we (group of 4) decided to order these:

Cheese Croissant – 13 AED

Eggs Benedict – 46 AED

Chicken Frittata – 44 AED

Chicken Wrap – 52 AED

Omelette with mushrooms & Parmesan cheese – 50 AED

Orange Juice – 25 AED

Caffe Latte – 19 AED




As soon we were done with the ordering process, the Cheese Croissant arrived at our table which turned out to be cold and hence the quick serving. We had to request them to warm it up, which we normally shouldn’t have to do coz croissants are always served hot everywhere. But it was still mediocre in quality.


Aside that, I am going to start with the best dish according to me – the winner is the Chicken Frittata which was the perfect egg breakfast that you might expect to find anywhere. Seasoned well and with generous quantity of chicken and eggs, it makes you crave for more. It’s a must try if you are fine with having chicken for breakfast.


The next success was the Omelette with sautéed mushrooms and 24 month aged Parmesan Reggiano cheese, which turned out delicious, exactly opposite to my expectation of how aged parmesan cheese would work well with eggs.


The Eggs Benedict was also a decent dish, but needed a little more seasoning and hence after I added a bit more salt and pepper, this dish turned out to be a winner. Do ask them to give you medium done eggs (if you like your eggs runny), so that you can enjoy the oozy texture of eggs with that of the hollandaise sauce to have a perfect blend of flavours  exploding in your mouth.


Now to the only disappointment we faced – the Chicken Wrap, it was a total disaster with no sauce nor any special ingredients to make it stand out. The wrap was bland and lacked any kind of seasoning. It failed to excite us in anyway and was not at all worth the money that we paid for it. But on the bright side, it was just one dish that didn’t make the cut and hence I would rate this as a delicious experience.

IMG_1274The ambience is something that you can expect from a normal cafe but it does well in terms of food. Though it might seem overpriced, I wouldn’t mind paying if the food is worth it, which it is at Cafe Bateel. It’s an excellent place to pop in for breakfast and I have heard their desserts are yummy, so next time will have to try the other selections on the menu for some dinner or lunch and desserts after.

So until I come up with the next foodie session,

Have a great weekend u all!

Cafe Bateel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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