Are you an ardent fan of Turkish cuisine? Are you craving for some authentic Turkish food that will make your insides dance with joy? (And also, is your wallet loaded? Just Kidding! ) Then head over to Bosporus located on the 1st Floor of Wafi Mall at Wafi City for a journey through Turkey.


As we walk in, we notice that the whole ambience changes to one of rustic yet rich Middle eastern decor done in dark wood complete with some Turkish items on display. The interiors are simple yet elegant and they even have a live band with outdoor seating for those who want to do shisha.

Besides normal seating, they also had private rooms in a couch setting with a television tuned to a football game and that was enough for the men in our group to insist on sitting there. The only put off was that the air-condition in the private cabin was not working and it was quite warm inside.

I have to warn you, their menu is huge with a wide array of authentic Middle-Eastern dishes including soups, salads, pastries, starters, main courses, desserts and drinks. Going through all of it might not be a good option and hence we had a quick glance through it and ordered a few items that we were already familiar with.


These are the main items that we decided on:

  • Chicken Iskender Kebab – 75 AED
  • New York Steak (300gm) – 195 AED
  • Grilled Chicken – 70 AED
  • Angus Beef Burger (200gm) – 85 AED
  • Special Bosporus Kunefe (with pistachio and cheese) – 55 AED


We had also ordered a hummus platter which arrived first and while serviceable, was basic, served with fresh oven baked bread on the side. This was a small plate for the high price that we paid and not enough for our group of 6 people. So we ordered an extra plate of hummus that cost us another 25 AED.

Next was the Grilled Chicken that was so deep in taste due to the juicy texture of chicken and it could easily have been finished by one due to the not-so-generous portion. But still a good dish, nonetheless.


The burger arrived after chopped in two as requested and even though it was overcooked it was still pretty juicy. The burger had caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and thick smoked beef patties all packed between delicious bun. Not as good as the American burger but still worth a try.


Then there’s the Chicken Iskender Kebab, a pile of soft, sliced pita bread and flavourful chicken pieces covered with warm tomato sauce and a tangy yogurt sauce. One of the best I have had in town but be sure to devour them as soon as they arrive because once it sits for a while, the bread inside gets soggy and it loses its texture.


The only disappointment was the New York Steak that came with a side of fries. The fries were terrific but the steak was a let down – too much salt and overcooked. It was an average steak, that we ordered out of curiosity, but a Turkish restaurant really isn’t the place to order an American dish.


The best of the lot was the kunefe, soaked with syrup and garnished with a generous amount of pistachios, its crispy shell with melted cheese oozing out as soon as you put a knife to it.


So, to sum it up, Bosporus provides an elegant dining experience while soaking in some Middle-Eastern culture and sampling exotic cuisines. The ambience is cozy and the service is friendly and efficient. Ideal for family, colleagues or a group of friends. Pricing on the other hand is an issue. All the food was delicious and I’d love to order all of it again but at the end with the drinks and tip we ended up paying a hefty sum. That’s pretty expensive for what essentially isn’t a high end luxury restaurant. But based on how packed the place was, it seems a lot of people don’t mind paying that much for what really is a great Turkish restaurant.

So until next time, Keep having great food you all!

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