In Dubai’s Rigga road, this restaurant has become a favourite thanks to its consistent delivery of delicious food in a warm and spacious environment. If you decide to go here on a weekend, then be prepared to spend a lot of time to find a parking or park your car far away and walk up to the restaurant. You can also go to their other branches in either Trade Centre or Umm Suqeim if you want to avoid parking issues.

My family and I enjoy Lebanese cuisine because of the abundance of whole grains, vegetables, herbs and fruits that it incorporates and also they are one of the healthiest options available when eating out. Typical flavors found in Lebanese cuisine include olive oil, herbs, garlic and lemon.


Safadi has an outdoor seating area as well, but the scene from there is always a chaos rather than relaxing, so we always prefer sitting inside, where the aroma of freshly baked Lebanese bread (also known as pita bread) wafts in the air and gets my tummy excited with anticipation.


The service is fast and efficient with a continuous supply of hot bread from the oven that just keeps coming to the table and by the time the food arrives you might actually be full.

Here I have included several dishes that I have tried on my numerous visits to this place. Most of the time we order the same old dishes because they are consistently good.

Kabab Khashkash – Rating: 4.5/5 – This is minced meat with garlic and parsley served on tomato sauce and is a delight to devour. The dish is so fantastic that, in fact, I have given it only 4.5 because it became secondary to the freshly baked bread.

Shish Tawouk – Shish taouk is a traditional marinated chicken kebab on skewers and is one of the main dishes in Middle Eastern cuisines. Safadi had managed to nail this dish every single time that I have ordered it. I would rate this 4/5 stars.


Mixed Grill – If you want to try all the meat items in the menu without having to order each one, then this is the dish for you. You could have a taste of chicken, lamb and beef all in one go. (Rating: 4/5)

Grilled Chicken Wings – These are not the best in town, but pretty good. They could add in some dips to compliment the chicken wings and give it that extra kick. (Rating: 3.5/5)


Lamb Chops – Another immensely delicious dish that we always tend to have from here and one that never fails to impress. (Rating: 5/5)

As for drinks and desserts, the fruit juices are freshly prepared but the kunafa that we once ordered was not the type that I expected. It was not covered with roasted vermicelli but instead had a coating of roasted semolina and pistachios. Never ordered any other desserts from there again because we are usually full and there is not an inch of space left in our tummies to have anything else.


The prices are a little on the higher side if you compare with other Lebanese restaurants, but I think that is justified with the efficient service and neat, elegant ambience that Safadi provides to its customers.

So hop in here when you find yourself craving for some authentic Lebanese cuisine and eat to your heart’s content.

Until next time,

Happy nibbling you’ll!!!!

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