We were at Oman Avenues Mall on a weekend night for some last minute shopping for mom-in-law before she was going to India and decided to have dinner from one of the many food outlets on the top floor of the mall. Parents being ardent fans of Middle Eastern cuisines, we decided to try out the Arabian Grill House located on the 2nd floor (the same floor as the food court).


Before I delve into the restaurant and the food, I need to lament on the crummy photographs in this post. I blame it on the fact that we were in a hurry to run off and catch a movie on time. Try as I may (ok…I didn’t try that hard!), I couldn’t get better shots than this. *sighs*

The restaurant has a simple yet contemporary Middle-Eastern decor with a relaxed dining atmosphere and ample seating space. As we entered the restaurant, no one came to greet us nor seat us (ooooh…that rhymes :P).


Moving on, we settled onto our tables soon enough but yet again we could not grab the attention of the staff who despite the almost empty restaurant seemed to be occupied with something or the other. After a lot of waving and calling out, one man came to take our order which comprised of a Mixed Grill Platter, Plate Shawarma with bread and a plate of hummus.

We had forgotten to ask for drinks and nor had the server offered us to order any drinks and so after a lot of waving yet again he came by to ask what we wanted. The food arrived pretty soon after that with the breads on the side. Normally almost every grill house, even the small ones, bake their own bread. But here they served us the grocery bought Lebanese round bread which was not at all what you expect from a dining-in restaurant and we were rather disappointed because the food, although overpriced, was good enough not to eat with freshly baked bread.

The AGH Mixed Grill (RO 7.2) is a combination of mutton, beef and chicken kebabs with a pretty good flavour to it. It came with garlic sauce and a tomato based chutney on the side, but the red chutney was a little too tart for my liking. I usually don’t fancy any gravy or sauce that is tomato based so I may be a bit biased here ;). But the quantity is very less for the price that we pay.


The Super Shawarma (RO 3.8) that we ordered did not look very appetizing and taste-wise we thought it was alright – not bad but not great either. Tasted more like a good cafeteria kind-of food rather than what you would expect from a quality restaurant.


Again one important thing I should mention is the service, which was utterly a failure and I don’t think they are deliberately being bad at serving, probably just the lack of training in that area.

We left the restaurant unsatisfied and not planning to return but still reflecting on the thought that this is a place that could easily blossom into something very good if a little extra attention is paid towards it by the management.

So until next time,

Happy nibbling you’ll ! 🙂


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