With just one Friday morning, this place has topped my list of most favourite breakfast restaurants in town and once you visit them…you will know why. Located inside The Galleria in Al Safa area, is Slider Station which turns into Cocoa Room in the mornings. Be sure to be early though, or else you end up waiting in a long queue outside. Remember the saying, ‘the early bird gets the worm’? Well, this early bird gets the best breakfast! 😉

We reached the restaurant around 9-ish and was shown to our table where our friend was already waiting for us devouring fresh croissants and coffee. I did have a go at the buttery croissant and it literally melted in my mouth.

The restaurant was already buzzing and crowded, but service was unfailingly efficient and without any sense that we felt rushed.


Cocoa Room showcases a myriad of Oriental, European, Western and Far Eastern delicacies in their menu, let’s just say…they have something for everyone!

Though the menu is small, we were tempted to order so many items as they all sounded pretty awesome and that’s exactly what we three did.

Our orders that morning comprised of Eggs Menemen, Red Velvet Pancake, Nutella French Toast, Sunshine Sliders and one more type of meat slider that I forgot the name of.

Eggs Menemen is Turkish style scrambled eggs with red chili flakes, feta, red bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. You can have it as it is or as a dip with some pita bread and my taste buds did a little dance of joy as I tasted the stuff: it was so fantastic that I would give it a 5/5.

Eggs Menemen

The Sunshine Sliders comes with veal and chicken sausage patty, quail egg, cheddar, mayo and salsa in them. These were one of the best sliders I have had and I’m afraid good manners deserted me as I ate far more than my fair share and we ordered a second plate and that, too, disappeared, mostly down my gullet. I would give it a 5/5 too. (Yes..I am being a little generous today :D)

Sunshine Sliders

My sweet-toothed friends had to order the Red Velvet Pancake but to be honest none of us were too happy with it. Though it looked appetizing, it fell short in terms of the consistency as it was more cake-like rather than fluffy and soft pancakes. Since it was too heavy for one person, we had lots leftover from the pancake. I think it merits only a mere 2.5/5 😦

Red Velvet Pancake

Nothing gets me more excited like Nutella does and hence as soon as I saw Nutella French Toast in the menu I had to order it. It does not look like our usual french toast (as you can see from the picture) and its filled with nutella inside so pace yourself because you can have a rich little blob with every mouthful. It comes with an equally delicious ice-cream too. My only disappointment is that the bread was thick and I was expecting something a little less dense…but this is just a matter of preference. Although you may find it to be a bit heavy for a traditional french toast, this is a perfect dessert for sweet tooths. In other words, you must try this! A 4.5/5 for this one here!

Nutella French Toast

For beverages, among the three of us we had Green Apple juice, Orange juice and the infamous Salted Caramel and Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate. We had to order this after having seen this drink’s picture circulating the social media and while at the restaurant I could see it on many of the tables too. The drink was enjoyed by my friends but was too sweet for me though I think it ought to be categorised as a must-try.

Cocoa Room is one of those places that you wouldn’t mind driving all the way in the morning to have a hearty breakfast at. In here, each dish spotlights an ensemble of well-prepared ingredients that showcase diverse shades and subtleties showing us exactly how a breakfast ought to be.

And that’s really all we ever want, right? A place promising quality food, charming surroundings, warm hospitality, value for money, and memorable times.

So until next time,

Happy nibbling you’ll! 🙂

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