It was a Thursday night and we were a hungry lot of 12 people craving familiar home food kinda cuisines, when one of us suggested Malabar Paris. Jammed in-between residential buildings in a corner of the streets of Karama, sharing a parking lot with the residents parking area and other shops nearby, this may be the last place you would expect to find a good Indian restaurant.

From the outside the restaurant looks like any other but as we walked in it expanded into a long and wide area crammed with people. They have managed to set up tables in any free space they found and considering the traffic inside I am guessing it’s still not enough.

Though the place was crowded, the service was quick and efficient. The waiter appeared in no time to take the orders and our starters were brought in without much delay.

First out of the kitchen was the Lobsters fried with red chilli seasoned with curry leaves and presented on banana leaves. These looked huge and scary but they tasted as delicious as we’d hoped, with a powerful kick lent by the spicy red masala in which it was fried.

I couldn’t get enough of it as the meat part would obviously be less as compared to the size of the lobster (that’s the sad part about shell fish…it gets over even before you have started) 😛

For the main course, there were a wide array of dishes each unique in it’s own way.

The King fish Chatty Curry was a flavoursome dish simmered in coconut paste and tantalisingly textured with coconut milk, which went well with the soft, airy vellappam.


Next was also a curry item – Fish Mulakittath – which was a smooth & deep-flavoured classic fish curry cooked with cocum that was delicious with the hot parottas.


Also came the Beef Varattiyath which was an average dish according to my standards as the coconut and onion masala flavour was subtle and dint come through the dish which is what I usually like about this dish in other places.


The Naadan Chicken Curry that was cooked with coarse, crushed coconut, chillies and ginger was less convincing as the flavour of the garam masala was over-powering the whole dish.


Then came the star of the evening – the Crab fry. Usually I need some coaxing to try crab at restaurants because of it’s high chances for food poisoning if it’s been in the freezer for too long, but after seeing the red soft-shell crabs, I just wanted to dig in.


Unfortunately for me, Hubsy and sis-in-law being huge fans of crab, were ferociously devouring it (it was that good) before I could get another piece (next time have to remember to transfer most of it onto my plate before they get their hands on it).

As for the side items with the main dishes, we had puttu, vellappam, chapathi and porotta. Everything tasted almost homemade except for the chapathi. But after such a great meal, one overlooks the minor faults.

No meal is complete without tea to go with and hence got their Adivasi tea and Biryani tea and though both of them come with different names it tasted almost similar to me, yet delicious. This concluded a meal that began with mango juice as complimentary welcome refreshments.


The vividly distinctive flavours of Kerala come alive at this restaurant and is a must visit for all those who love Malabar cuisines.

Until next time foodies,

Happy nibbling you’ll!

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