Hey peeps, Hope you all having a wonderful week…I am here with yet another review of one of the popular restaurants that my friends and I visited one afternoon.

I am so excited to write about my experience at this particular restaurant which is located in the Souq Al Bahar at Downtown Dubai. Shakespeare & Co. is one of those restaurants in town that checks off all the elements that you look for while dining out; be it the interior, quality of food, service and the overall experience.

Shakespeare & Co. was born in the Dubai in the year 2001 and despite being in an ultra-modern era, they became unique for their exuberant 18th century Victorian inspired themed interiors. One look inside this place, adorned with plush velvet couches, cushions and curtains in a variety of colours and fabrics, upholstery encased in antique frames, intricate chandeliers and vintage centrepieces, you will be transported to the lush Victorian era.


We decided to sit at the normal table rather than the comfy looking couches arranged around tables coz we needed space to keep the baby strollers and plus we thought it would be uncomfortable to sit on couches and lean forward to eat food. It would be great for a coffee and snack kind of meet and for shisha lovers who can enjoy the laid back atmosphere.

Once we got all the babies to settle into the high chair with their toys and biscuits, we scanned through the 20 pages long fabric-bound menu that contained a little bit of everything from around the world starting with the Lebanese Saj, Italian Pizza & Pasta, Meat & Seafood entrees and also French Patisseries (YUMMMM!!!!).

The bill came in these cute covers!!

We placed our orders with the eager waiter and patiently waited while we gossiped and the babies played in their seats. The food arrived with generous portions for all to share and we devoured them like the hungry moms that we were.

For starters we had the Zaatar Labneh Saj, which could have been better as it was devoid of any kind of flavours and was a total let down. I have heard the meat ones are good, so may be will try one of them the next time I am there.


The main course arrived soon after…Chicken Sandwich and Pepperoni Pizza.

Chicken Sandwich was a fine choice but lacked enough sauces to make it juicy. I like sandwiches and burgers juicy and dripping in sauces…not everyone prefers that way, so this is absolutely a judgement call. The fries that came with it were absolutely delicious and my little one ate them with a unique interest that she usually doesn’t show in eating.


The Pepperoni Pizza was the highlight of the meal with it’s light and crispy base combined with the rich tomato sauce. The simple but good quality toppings only complemented the dish even more.


For drinks we all ordered a tall glass of Peach Iced Tea which was a little too strong for me, but not a bitter-kind-of strong, still I think next time I will just go for some fresh juice.


What’s a meal without a dessert at the end and hence we got the Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Sphere that was a delight to the eyes when it arrived and looked like it was delicately put together by an artist. Ahhhhh….The art of french patisseries! Loved this one and definitely gonna go there again to have more from their patisserie collection.


So next time you are wondering where to go, pop into Shakespeare and travel back in time to Europe. It’s a place you can go with friends, colleagues, and family, to enjoy a good meal and relax, knowing there’s always something to look forward to on the menu.

So until next time,

Happy nibbling you all!!

Shakespeare and Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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