Since I love visiting The Wave often due to it’s beautiful promenade and many eateries lining up the walking strip, Steak Escape was on my bookmarked list of restaurants to visit since long. And this time, Hubsy and I ventured in here for dinner with our growling tummies.

The place is quite well located with ample seating space outside and a small comfy friends meeting place like setup on the inside. Since it was a humid night, we decided to sit inside on one of the sofa seatings. It looks much like an average American diner, but that’s not surprising as Steak Escape was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1982.

If you have been to Charley’s Philly Steaks, then this is pretty similar to the former in terms of the sandwiches, but the taste was way beyond my expectations.

As soon as we walked in, the first thing I noticed was how courteous and attentive the staff were. When we mentioned that it was our first time there, they guided us through the whole menu and ordering process. There’s a menu board above the open kitchen from where you can select what to order.

We ordered the Buffalo Chicken Fries as starters which is pretty much like the NewYork Fries but with more flavour and the toppings seemed to compliment each other.


As for the sandwiches, decided on the Grand Escape for myself and Wild West BBQ for Hubsy darling. You can choose the bread (white or brown) and once you order, the cook in the open kitchen begins to grill it all up. It starts sizzling right in front of your eyes and the flavours of the grilled beef was just wafting through the air making our already growling tummies to scream more. It is then passed on to the salad and sauces section where you can add the fillings of your choice.

All the other extra sauces that you would require are right there on your table along with plenty of napkins.

The sandwiches came cut in half which I had not asked them to do, but as it happens, that was very convenient and reduced the mess that normally accompanies while eating a cheesesteak sandwich.

So here goes our order details:

6″ Grand Escape with white bread

It’s hard to go to Steak Escape without trying their signature Grand Escape and the 6 inch sandwich is a perfect size, made with grilled sirloin with sautéed onions, mushrooms, green peppers and melted provolone cheese for all the taste of a rich cheesesteak but with a guilty feeling.

The rolls were very soft, the beef juicier and more plentiful than most and the provolone cheese nicely gooey.

6″ Wild West BBQ with brown bread

For all the BBQ sauce fans, this is a perfect mix of grilled beef steak, sautéed onions and melted cheddar topped with the BBQ sauce. My husband seemed to devour it all in minutes, apparently it was that tasty.
The bread was pleasingly crunchy, with the sharpness of the melted cheddar along with the bbq sauce making it a perfect sandwich.
The Lemon Iced Tea that I ordered was freshly brewed and served in a plastic cup with straw. I would have preferred a mason jar or tall glass for that, but who cares as long as it tastes refreshing and fresh as this did, right? They also had a free refill option for drinks. The only suggestion is that the tea’s flavour should have been a little more strong than the lemon’s.

Steak Escape is a fast casual restaurant where you can pop in anytime to enjoy a delicious and hearty sandwich with the combination of attentive (yet not lingering) service. Next time have to try out their wraps and other sandwiches on the menu, have heard the Buffalo Chicken is good.

So until then, Happy Nibbling you all!


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