The Counter is a California-based burger chain that labels itself as a challenge to the classic burger joints by being creative and inventive with what they offer. Located at the Dubai Mall in front of the Ice Rink, this place occupies a decent area for seating and is child-friendly too.

Being always on a best-burger-in-town hunt, this place had been haunting us through the billboards on the Sheikh Zayed road every time we visit Dubai. Hence, Hubsy and I popped in here on a Monday evening to check out their humongous burgers with eye-popping possibilities for customizable burgers that will tempt any food lover into visiting.

One look at the menu and the accompanying clipboard with a checklist of everything on earth that you thought you cannot include in a burger, made my heart leap. You ask why? Well, I am not ashamed to admit that I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to food and so a complete control over what goes into my food is something which excites me a lot.

We decided to build the burger of our dreams and seeing the size of one burger, we ordered only one (for now) with a plate of parmesan fries to go with it. As Hubsy was busy entertaining our little baby girl, I put together something not too unconventional from the seemingly endless combinations.

Here’s a look at our checklist:

The red dots are my selection…I guess I played it safe! 

If you prefer to play it safe or too lazy to go through the list, no worries: The Counter also have some burgers in ‘Expert Build’ category, which are the tried and tested burgers with specific ingredients. In addition to those signature burgers, there is also a burger-in-a-bowl (without a bun) concept, which did not appeal to me as I am a true carbs fan. Apart from these, you can also build your own smoothies, shakes and grilled cheese sandwiches here. They really mean it when they say “custom-made”!

When our orders arrived, there were vibrant colours bursting forth from the plate and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. The extra sauces that I had checked in the list came as sides with the burger which made the burger a little dry – not quite the perfect burger that we had imagined.


My burger was falling apart half way through under the weight of the thick juicy meat and the flavours came and went, sometimes overshadowed by the meat and cheese. The problem we faced was before each bite we had to snuck our knives into the small sauce containers and spread it onto our burger, which made the whole process a little messy.

The parmesan fries were pretty good but nothing special about it, just some parmesan cheese and oregano sprinkled over fries.


The Peach Iced Tea was a shame and I don’t know if they poured it right out of a can or not, but it did taste like preserved tea as opposed to the fresh iced tea.

Hubsy had the Orangaberry – a smoothie made of orange, apple, banana, strawberry and yoghurt – and though I was not anticipating a good drink, it turned out quite good for the low expectations that I had.


While The Counter may not be a leading candidate in my search for best-burger-in-town hunt, I think I will give them credit for their unique style, friendly staff and service. And even if I am not very happy with the food, I only have myself to blame. Right? 😛

The Counter Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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