Pre-Baby Shopping Guide

Hello Ladies,

This post is a checklist of pre and post delivery shopping that has helped me immensely to prepare myself for the baby’s arrival by keeping everything organised and planned. It’s one less situation to deal with while you are already adjusting to the changes in your life after your baby is born. You don’t have to worry about what kind of crib to get, which brand of toiletries to buy and so on, all the while trying to incorporate the needs of the new baby into your life.

Many people still prefer to do all the shopping for the baby after he/she is born; and I completely respect their personal choice; but if you do decide to wait until baby is born, then at least compare prices and brands in different shops in advance and make a list of the preferred items with their respective shop names, so that once you are resting after your delivery someone else can get the things required on your behalf.

And if you do not want to find out the gender of the baby beforehand, but still want to be prepared with all the necessary items, then you could buy things in unisex colours.

And I would suggest not to go over-board by buying everything that you see (Trust me, I know it’s tempting). Friends and family who will come to visit the baby are likely to bring more stuff, so do not spend too much on that. We all want the best for our kids, but it does not mean we have to spend a lot on expensive things, you will be surprised at how much you can save if you do a little research beforehand.

So here’s a list, that has helped me greatly, to make this task easier:

Baby Bag 

Getting the perfect baby bag is a must as you will be using this bag for a long time, on every occasion and on every outing (Ladies, forget your vanity bags). When choosing the baby bag make sure to look for one with separate sections, where you can keep nappies, extra clothes, feeding bottles, baby wipes, nappy disposable bags, toys, etc etc etc. I got one that looks like a vanity bag and in chocolate brown shade as I did not want to go overboard with the colours.

This Carter’s bag comes with a changing mat –

Changing area

One of the best things I got for me and my baby was the changing table with drawers underneath and a changing pad with high inflatable sides. I needed the drawers as there were no space for baby clothes in our wardrobes and the high sides on the changing pad prevented baby from rolling out of place (See figure below).

Chest of drawers – BabyShop

Changing pad – Ikea

But depending on your budget and room space, you have these alternate options to choose from:

Crib/ Travel Cot/ Bassinet/ Cradle

Where to put your baby to sleep is one of the important decisions to make while deciding on this purchase. Do you want to co-sleep, keep the cradle in a corner of your bedroom or make a nursery for your baby and keep all the stuff there, is all up to you and your partner. I decided on co-sleeping as I needed her close to me to make it easier for feeding during the nights but at the same time, I wanted to get her used to sleeping in a cot from birth to make the transition onto her own bedroom later easier. And hence, attached a crib onto our bed by removing one side of the crib (See figure below). The downside with using the bassinets, cradles and travel cots were that most of them are designed for use until the baby turns six months old, and after that you have to find an alternate option. So I thought, why make two purchases and increase the expense, just get something that can be used from birth up until the baby turns two or three years old. Another advantage of a crib is that may be you can use it later for the next baby too. 😉

Edward Cot – BabyShop


A mattress and 4 – 5 fitted sheets for the crib if you are planning to use one. Sheets tend to get dirty with spit-up milk and so its handy to keep a few extras. Also get crib bumpers (keeps baby from banging into the bars when they start rolling over after a few months). Some people do get pillows, but I am not entirely sure that’s a necessity (also it’s a SIDS risk). In case you plan to get a pillow, buy those that are almost flat with a rounded area for resting baby’s head.

Extra set of cotton fitted sheets – Mothercare


Mattress, Bumper Pads, Sheets – BabyShop

Baby Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag will keep your baby cosy and snug all night without them getting tangled up in covers. I got one that has a zip fastening feature so that if need be the outer cover can be closed or opened.

Giggles Sleeping Bag – BabyShop

Mobile Toy

A colourful mobile toy over the crib or the changing area is a great way to keep your baby entertained. If it has music then it might even help them to fall asleep listening to the lullaby.FullSizeRender

Bath Accessory

Which product to choose is entirely up to your convenience, whether you wish to bath your baby while standing, sitting or bending down. The Puj Flyte was great for me and my baby up until almost 7 months when she outgrew the product and then I shifted to the Baby Bath tub which comes with both an infant bath and a tub for bigger babies to be used up until 2 years of age.

Check out my review on Puj Flyte here.

Bath Tub – Mothercare


Puj Flyte – DBbabies

Laundry Detergent

Newborns and infants have very delicate skin and so I would recommend buying a mild detergent for washing baby clothes. Also ensure you wash all baby clothes before first use for avoiding any allergies or skin irritations.


I prefer the Pampers Premium Care range of diapers as they seem to keep dry for a long time and also less leakage.

Baby wipes

When buying disposable baby wipes, try to get the non-scented version as they contain less chemicals as opposed to those with fragrance. And even if you prefer the traditional ‘Indian’ way of washing baby bums during diaper changes, these wipes are a God-sent during those middle-of-the-night-nappy-changes when you are too lazy to walk into the bathroom and also when out of house.


The only products I used for my baby were a Mustela bath gel (both hair and body bath in one), Sebamed baby facial cream, Sebamed baby body lotion, SudoCrem rash cream and Virgin Coconut Massage Oil from India.

Other Necessities

A baby nail cutter, ear buds, alcohol swabs for the first week or two to use on the belly button, Thermometer, Nasal Aspirator, Vitamin D drops and Adol drops (or similar one for fever).


After spending nine months in the womb, babies like to be swaddled as it imitates the conditions in the womb and hence a swaddling blanket is a great buy and if you do not know how to swaddle, then it’s easy to learn through many videos that are now available online. Also get a beautifully patterned or embroidered blanket for use when at parties, functions and outings to drape over you sweet little munchkin.

Muslin Cloth

Get 2 -3 Muslin cloths, these are so good and can be used in many different ways. I use them for covering my baby after a bath, put it over my shoulder while burping her or just wiping her face or body. You can even use them to line anything your baby lies in (like prams, rockers) to help keep them cool.


Even if you get the body suits with inbuilt mittens, you might still need 3 – 4 pairs of cotton mittens to go with other clothes. Newborns usually have long nails and these mittens will prevent them from scratching themselves.

Socks and Hats

These are useful inspite of the season your baby is born in because newborns do not regulate their body temperature well, so it is always best to cover their feet and head. You can buy 3-4 pairs of cotton socks and 2 -3 cotton hats in different colours.

Body Suits

Get 4 – 5 body suits, these are a one-piece clothing that has long sleeves and covers even the feet. It opens in the front, usually with popper buttons. Some body suits even come with inbuilt mittens, so there’s no need to buy extra gloves. I found the ones in Mothercare and Next to be the best in terms of quality.

Breast Pump

Choosing the right pump depends on whether you are planning to use it daily or occasionally. If, like me, you are only planning to express before going out of the house, then the Medela Mini Electric Pump or the Manual Hand Pump is a good choice. But if you are going back to work soon and need to pump on a daily basis, then get the advanced Swing version.


If you plan to express milk and take along with you when going out, then you will need bottles. I prefer the Philips Avent bottles and here are the reasons why.


If I had not received this as a gift from a friend, I would not have thought of buying it. But now that I have used it, I know how much helpful this product really is. A rocker is a great way to keep your baby safe and entertained while you get along with other things. There are many different varieties in this starting with natural bouncers, battery operated ones, with music, toy bars and such. You can choose what suits you best for your use. I would wait at least a month before starting to use a rocker, but that’s just me!

Nursing Pads

These are a must if you are breastfeeding as the breasts tend to leak milk at times. Both wash-reusable and disposable ones are available and you can select whichever suits you. I used the disposable pads regularly during the first month and then later used them only while going out.

Other Needs for Moms

Nipple cream (for the first few weeks) to avoid cracks and sores, Sanitary pads, Shirts with buttons down the front or loose clothes for easy breastfeeding.


Choosing a pram is one of the most difficult decisions in terms of making up your mind on what kind to buy. There are hell of a lot of varieties available in the market these days. Depending upon your budget and the way you will be using it (that is, more off-roading or city use), you have many options to choose from:

  • A simple pram that has a carrycot that allows an infant to lie in a flat position and later converts into a buggy seat for making the baby sit.
  • A travel system combines a pram unit, buggy and a detachable car seat.
  • An ATP (all-terrain-pushchair) which can be used for off-roading as well as city use, but its larger than a standard buggy with good suspension.
  • A 3-wheeler which can be a little bulky and wide but these are designed for off-road use.
  • A 4-wheeler buggy which is the most commonly used but some do not have the lie-flat position that is suitable for infants.
  • A stroller/ lightweight buggy is the best if you and your family travel a lot. It folds into a compact form and hence easy to nip around places.
  • A twin buggy that carries two children (not necessarily of same age) or twins.

I would recommend to select one that can be used in lie-flat position when your baby is an infant and then later converted into a sitting position, also one which can be used rear facing as well as forward facing. Since we travel a lot, we got a lightweight stroller too once our baby was past 6 months.Giggles-Luna-Convertible-Stroller_1601968_6d91a937c4ec24bf4a87c023be249f6a_t

Giggles pram- BabyShop

Ferrari stroller – BabyShop

Car seat

This is a necessity to keep your baby safe while driving and it’s useful when you have to run errands with a baby tagging along. For infants, car seats are fixed rear-facing and once they are past a certain weight limit (usually 9 kg), they are kept forward facing in the car. Like prams, there are many options to choose from, for example; if you are getting a travel system, you don’t need an extra car seat as it already comes with one. I prefer the convertible car seats that can be used from ages 0 to 4. These can be used both rear as well as forward facing and are also good on the pocket as you do not have to buy car seats again according to your baby’s growth.

Convertible Car Seat – BabyShop

So that’s all ladies…Hope this was helpful and I wish you a pleasant pregnancy (if there is any such thing)!


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