Slider Station is a sister joint of the B+F Roadside Diner in Bareeq Al Shatti and the first burger joint to bring the concept of conveyor belt food service in Muscat. They specialise in classic and gourmet sliders as well as a wide range of American tapas, grills, flat breads and desserts.

It is located in Oasis by the Sea in Shatti, the place being one of the most well known areas in Muscat, is a popular hangout destination especially for the younger crowd. The restaurant attracts a hell lot of people mainly due to the quality of food and the unique interiors. It’s always fully booked (don’t even think about going there during weekends) and one may find a long waiting list to get a table. If you do happen to go there, then ask for a table in their open terrace.

They not only make sliders as they should be properly made but they also serve the best sliders in all of Muscat. For me, it’s always the other components and sauces that define and determine a slider’s greatness and potential for serious deliciousness and Slider Station really does meet my expectations of what a real slider should taste like.

The prices may seem a bit high for a small version of burger, but if you compare it to other burgers joints in the area, then there seems to be not much difference.

I have been here many times both with family and friends and what with its loud music and the ultra modern garage look, it has got the perfect ambience to have a great time with friends. If you are looking for a quiet-candle-lit-dinner-date-night with your love, then this is not the place for the occassion.

So here’s a list of what all items in the menu we have gobbled up on our several visits:


  • Delta Force Fries – These fries topped with melted jack and cheddar are a favourite among hubsy and me and we always end up full after this. It’s a must-have if you like fries.


  • Commando Fries – These are topped with more items than the Delta Force, like jalapenos, grilled onions and west coast sauce. But I am not a big fan of the fries because they are a little soggy and has way too much mayo in them.


  • Maple Sticky Buffalo Shrimps – These shrimps coated with a spicy-sweet maple and hot sauce mix was the perfect starter for those who are a fan of seafood.


The Chicken Sliders:


  • Dangerous Slider – The red coloured slider buns reverberate it’s name dangerous in every bite. The crispy fried butter milk chicken patty combined with the oozing tangy chimmichuri sauce along with spicy jalapeños was awesome.
  • The Fire Bird – The only disappointment for me was this buttermilk fried chicken slider that had a sweet taste to it due to the maple syrup addition which did not compliment the slider well.
  • The Crispy Chicken – This slider ordered for my sister was a safe option, chicken cooked perfect with the right amount of crispiness without being greasy, but nothing to boast about it though.

The Beef Sliders:


  • Midnight Slider
  • Mushroom Swiss Slider
  • Fire House Slider
  • Machine Gun Slider

All these beef sliders were the best ones I have ever dug my teeth into, with the softest buns I have had and all together with the flavourful sauces, worked it’s magic in our mouths.


  • Pistachio and White Chocolate – This milk shake is a must for anyone with a sweet-tooth.


  • Lychee and Thai Bird Chilli – I was in an adventurous mood when I ordered this drink and OMG….it was wonderfully delicious, unique, spicy and refreshing.


  • Watermelon Lemonade – This was a let down and I don’t know how a simple drink like watermelon lemonade could go wrong. It tasted more like syrup than a fresh lemonade.

One of the main drawbacks for us here was that the place really doesn’t cater to children. The blaring music and the darkened interiors really does not go well with children. This is a real drawback to anyone with younger children and infants.

Although I am always half-expecting to be turned away whenever I visit here (because of the infamously long wait lists) we were lucky enough to find seats most of the times.

When a restaurant shows appreciation & dedication to style, they do it right in matters of food too. The place smells as good as it tastes and when you’ve had a bad day, there is nothing better than a hot, juicy, fresh, properly made slider to make up for it.

“Happy nibbling you all!”



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