Philips Avent Baby Products

Philips AVENT is a company based in England manufacturing baby bottles, breast pumps, and other baby feeding and health accessories.

Philips Avent Milk Powder Dispensing Container

We initially bought this container for on-the-go use of milk powder dispensing. Had bought it from Mothercare in Dubai, and thought it was a well-designed, compact container. This was mainly purchased keeping in mind that when travelling and going out of home, it would be easy to just give formula to our baby rather than running around in the middle of the dinner to find a private place to sit and breastfeed her.

This container really did what is expected of it, it was a heaven sent as I did not have to carry around those huge tins of milk powder which makes my diaper bag look like its blown up. When we go out, depending upon how many hours we might be out, I measure the right amount of spoonfuls of the milk powder into the separated columns of the container. For example, if you have to feed two times while out, just add three spoons of powder into one column and another three spoons of powder into the other (for 90ml milk – varies according to milk brand). Once you close the lid, the powder does not mix together and thus you know the right amount of powder and water to add at each feeding.

Cleaning made easy with removable parts!

There was a small flaw that I noticed; the design does not allow the powder to pour out very easily and as we try to pour the milk powder out of the container, the hot vapour from the milk bottle rises into the container and somewhat solidifies the milk powder, making it further difficult to get all of the milk powder out. But this can easily be managed by pouring the hot water later into the bottle.

Philips Avent Bottles

I am also a fan of Philips Avent bottles due to so many reasons as listed below:

  • It’s the perfect shape for my baby and me to handle. It fits well inside my baby’s hands and is lightweight too, hence allowing her to feed on her own. Training handles are no longer required for an older baby as it’s super easy to grip.
  • All are 100% BPA-free polypropylene bottles and they are claiming to be Natural Bottles (natural way to bottle feed).
  • Transporting them are hassle free because these bottles don’t leak, even without the pesky anti-leak pieces that other bottles require to make bottles leak-proof.
  • Another main advantage is that it is easier to clean as there is just the cavity of the bottle, the nipple, the nipple holder, and the dome to seal the nipple.

Even though I had been giving formula for my baby for the first few weeks (due to lack of enough milk), later I completely stopped formula and started breastfeeding exclusively as I found another way to deal with the situation of feeding in public [To know more about it, check out my post on Medela Breast Pump and Breastfeeding Wrap here].


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