This chocolate lover’s paradise is located in the lower ground floor of the Oman Avenues Mall in Ghubra.

‘Dip N Dip’ is a dessert cafe that serves some of the most premium quality chocolate desserts as they use rich Belgium chocolate and incorporate cocoa butter into it as opposed to oil. This addition of cocoa butter smoothens the chocolate and leaves you wanting more.


Husband being a complete addict to anything sweet and me being a chocolate fan, we decided to try this place out as it looked very appealing. While we were walking towards it, I saw that they have set up two separate areas for this outlet, with a large seating space and enough table settings to accomodate large masses. The first thing that you will notice about this dessert cafe is it’s vibrant interiors all done in red and black and alluring you into its midst.

There is a large variety of desserts to choose from and in case you get confused with all the names, just look at the pictures beside some of the items, they are a feast to our eyes. The prices are a little high, but that’s how pricey food has become nowadays in Muscat as well.

They have three chocolate fountains (white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate) at the counter top and you can select your choice of chocolate sauce to go with the dessert.

Atlast, we decided upon their fabulous looking Brownies Crepe topped with Belgian milk chocolate,  Chocolate mousse with brownies and a Frozen chocolate drink.

Our desserts came after 10mins and it was all so beautifully plated that we did not have the heart to dig into it and ruin those pretty little things. The Crepe could not have been any better, it was simply superb. I just couldn’t stop eating it. The chocolate mousse was delicious with the right amount of mousse and brownies in it.

Brownies Crepe
Chocolate mousse with brownies!!

The only disappointment was the frozen chocolate drink as the drink was no where near frozen and the whipped cream just melted when the chocolate was poured into it by the server.


We were left in a kind of chocolate coma (a good one though) after the meal. I will be visiting this place again soon and will update more on the other items in the menu. I suggest you all to go here on an empty stomach so that you can gorge more. 😁

“Happy nibbling you all”


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