If you ever decide to have burgers, do check out the Burger Station outlet at the newly opened Oman Avenues Mall. It’s located on the second floor next to the food court and you can easily spot it from afar by the attractive graffiti art on the wall.


At 12 in the afternoon, the restaurant was near-empty when me and my friend walked in for an early lunch. Their first branch is located in Azaiba near Al Meera Hypermarket. Given this second branch is still a newbie in the neighborhood, its a matter of time before this space gets discovered by the burger-munching masses.

My friend had the popular ‘Smoky Cheddar Burger’, as suggested by the staff, a monstrously good sandwich featuring a huge ground beef patty, with some kind of red spicy sauce and melting cheddar. You can really taste the beefy goodness at every bite, and the ground meat texture elevates it to a gourmet status.

I ordered the ‘Italian Mozzarella’ as I am a fan of anything that has the word Italy in it. I couldn’t wait to see how a burger, the most Americanised food, got the word Italian in it’s name. But this burger was a major let down and I couldn’t even manage to eat the whole burger as it tasted really bad. The burgers were topped with a kind of green coloured ‘chutney’ like sauce which was making the burgers taste awful (I really cannot use a kinder word to describe it). There goes my 3RO!!

Here’s a look at our lunch:

One other thing I did not like was how the fries were served in foam plates; as our forks made holes on the plate while picking at the fries. We couldn’t order any drinks or dessert items as the staff told us that it’s only currently available at their Azaiba branch. I really hope they make at least the drinks available here soon enough.

Apart from those mishaps, we had a good time chatting away while munching the fries. So look up Burger Station the next time you have a major burger craving.

“Happy nibbling you all!”


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