Located at the Kempinski Hotel in Ajman Corniche, it’s not very often that I venture into this part of UAE as it’s quite a drive through the busy roads of Dubai. But being a foodie, I couldn’t decline an invitation to try something new and hence I was on my way there on a Saturday afternoon.

My little research showed that Sabella’s has been in operation for over 2 years, and prides itself for its organic stance on Italian cooking by the talented Chef Andrea Giannini.

The first thing about this restaurant that you will notice is it’s spectacular view of the sea complete with its beaches, palm trees, beach umbrellas and sun-loungers. So if you ever happen to hop into Sabella’s, be sure to be seated in the semi-outdoor terrace.

Since we were a group of 30 or so, there was a long table in the centre of the patio set with starch white linen tablecloths on top of which were many mason jars of preserved fruits. The place is huge and elegantly decorated. What attracted me most was that they boast organic ingredients in their recipes and obviously I was looking forward to a healthy and tasty meal.

Soon after I sat down at the table, they bought in a complimentary platter of bread assortments with pesto paste and fresh juice. The bread was soft and fresh and it had me raising my expectations of what was to come.

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Then we were offered Amuse Bouche (ricotta cheese with fruit mustard) and being a cheese fan I would say this was absolutely soft and melting in the mouth. I spread some on the bread and the combination was delicious.


Now for starters Chef Andrea and his colleagues had a live flambé cooking station and it was a delight to see them all so passionate and dedicated in their work. We were each offered a plate of quinoa with salmon – flambéed with vodka topped with tomato concasse, rocket leaves and Parmesan cheese. I have tried quinoa before and it definitely was not my thing (too healthy and tasteless I had thought) but in this dish the quinoa stood out. The combination of it with the perfectly cooked pink salmon and the salty parmesan was unexpectedly delicious. I never would have imagined quinoa to taste this good.


Next was the pasta and the margarita pizza and I should say that both were out of this world. The pasta was fresh homemade tagliatelle with a basic tomato sauce and the texture of the pasta was very soft.

Then came the stracetti of beef with caramelised onions and baked potato sitting on a stroke of red wine sauce painted on the plate. I had to return it and requested to bring me a plate without the wine on it. But this dish was a let-down. The beef was kind of chewy but the baked potato was yum. For those among us who were vegans, they were offered an eggplant parmigiana, which from what I heard was only average.


As we were waiting for the desserts, Chef Andrea suggested showing us his organic garden that he is so proud of. So we took a walk around the back of the hotel to a small garden full of herbs and organic veggies being grown. When we came back, the multi-talented Chef sang an Italian song to entertain us all.


We ended our meal on a sweet note which the Chef had yet again managed to create a work of art on plate. There were those popular Italian desserts – tiramisu, pannacotta and cheesecake, in front of us all. The pannacotta was smooth, the cheesecake with the right amount of sugar and cheese, and my favourite tiramisu (should have been a little more set) all disappeared too fast into our tummies.


The service and the staff are wonderful and inviting, the ambience is superb and the food is worth a visit if you are a fan of authentic organic italian cuisines. I hope I have done justice to my review, even though I dined here as a guest.

“Happy nibbling you all!”

Sabella's - Ajman Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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